Starmoment - A special gift for a special friendship

Are you looking for an ideal gift for your best friend? Then Starmoment is the place for you. Because unique friendships deserve unique gifts! Whether it's for a birthday, an anniversary of your friendship or just as an in-between gift - the individually designed starry sky poster is sure to provide a breathtaking surprise.

The present for your best friend

What makes your friendship so unique? You two, of course! Your characters, the harmony between you and the mutual trust. But what else? Maybe a few events that have welded you even more together? A special holiday? Or even the moment you met in the first place?

We at Starmoment help you to capture exactly those moments. And not only in the form of photos or videos. We want you to remember the feeling that made your moment together so important. And what conveys more atmosphere than the starry sky?

What is Starmoment?

With Starmoment you can capture a special moment for you. We will print the image of the starry sky on a poster exactly as it looked in your significant moment. You determine the place, date and time, and an astronomically verified software creates the corresponding image of the starry sky. Of course, you also have enough space to add a personal dedication. You can find out exactly how this works here: How do I create my personal star moment?

We wish you a lot of fun creating your poster and especially giving away your individualized gift!