What is Starmoment?

We want to capture beautiful and important events in our lives and keep them with us forever. And not only in the form of photos, videos or texts - the whole atmosphere should remain as faithful and romantic as possible in memory.

Starmoment - The personal gift for special occasions

Thanks to Starmoment, that's possible! Because, what awakens more feelings and thoughts than a clear view into the stars in a special night? With the customizable Nightsky Map of Starmoment you can capture your special moment - no matter if it is the first kiss, a birth or a wedding.

Whether as a personal gift or for yourself, at Starmoment you can capture the night sky as it looked in your significant moment. Or will look in the future! An astronomically verified software calculates the position of the stars at your desired dates, times and places. Starmoment prints this individual picture on a poster, you can choose between four different designs. Of course, there's also plenty of room for your personal touch in the form of a title and dedication!

Have your personal night sky sent home as a poster. Additionally, you have the possibility to choose between two different frames. Thus, you can complement your personalized gift! With Starmoment you can give away unique moments that are tailored to you and your loved ones.

You want to know how it works? Have a look here: How do I create my own Starmoment?