Starmoment - A special wedding gift

Are you invited to a wedding and looking for a special gift? An individual, romantic gift that will take the bridal couple's breath away? Then you've come to the right place at Starmoment! Because what is more romantic than a clear view of the starry sky?

Why Starmoment makes your wedding gift so unique

When we enjoy special events in our lives, we want to engrave them in our memories. Not only what happened at that important moment or what it looked like. We want to be reminded of the feelings, relive the atmosphere. Especially when it comes to romantic moments!

Imagine you could capture the starry sky as it will look on the wedding night. Wouldn't that be a romantic gift? With Starmoment you can create this special gift personally! A software verified by astronomers can calculate the position of the stars not only back in time, but also forwards into the future. You simply choose the place, date and time, and we'll create the starry sky as it will look at that time. We will print the corresponding image of the starry sky on a poster and send it to you promptly. Of course you will also have the opportunity to add a personal touch in the form of a title and a dedication. This will make the wedding gift even more unique!

You can find out exactly how this works here: How do I create my personal star moment? We wish you lots of fun creating your poster and especially giving away this romantic and unique gift!