The Stories of our Customers

"A night...

that I will never forget, is the night of the first kiss of my boyfriend. We have been together for almost two years now and I wanted to surprise him with something very special. Something that connects us. With Starmoment I could print the night of our first kiss on paper! The poster with our night sky is a very personal gift for me. I'm sure it will look great on the wall of our living room!"

Nina, 29, from Berlin

"Finally I have found...

... a special anniversary gift: With Starmoment, I was able to remind my wife of the night of our wedding. I have never been able to give her such a romantic gift before! She was really very happy. Fortunately, the poster arrived very quickly, as I had almost forgotten to order something in time for the anniversary..."

Matthias, 36, from London


"I wanted my fiancée...

to always remember my romantic proposal. Therefore, I searched for a perfect gift - at Starmoment I finally found it!"

James, 32, from Brisbane

"It was the first day...

...of my long journey through Central America. Exactly on this day I met my current wife in Tulum. This meeting was something special for us and I wanted her to remember it forever. So I gave her a poster of Star Moment as a surprise and she was very happy about it! Now she can remember our wonderful time every day."


Michael, 34 from Munich


...some time after starting our first own company, we opened a second location for the company. To commemorate the day of these crucial decisions, we now have two beautiful posters of Sternmoment hanging in our office."

Steffi and Katrin, 44 from Aachen

"After we finally...

...decided to adopt a child from Africa, it took some time until the adoption procedure was completed. But in February, Mila finally came to Hamburg to live with us! To capture this meaningful moment, I gave myself and my wife a poster from Sternmoment. Now we are reminded of our happiness every day!"

Markus, 36 and Nina, 37 from Hamburg

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