How do I create my personal Starmoment?

You have experienced a special moment that you would like to capture best? Or are you looking for an individual gift? Then Starmoment is exactly the right thing for you! A software verified by astronomers determines the night sky as it looked at your personal moment. In this article, learn how to create your personalized poster.

Place and date of your personal moment

The first thing you can do when creating your poster is to choose where and when (including the time) your personal moment was. You can specify a location anywhere in the world and choose whether or not to display it on the poster. Maybe you still have the exact time of your moment in mind? As you personalize your Starmoment Poster, you will see on the left side how the view of the night sky changes.

Tip: You can not only choose moments from the past, but also from the future. Try it out!

Your personal text

Now your creativity is in demand. Under the tab "Text" you will find space for an individual dedication. You can give your personal moment both a title and a footnote.

The design

In the next step you can choose the design of your poster. We offer you four different layouts: You can choose between a black or white background and decide whether the night sky should be represented in a circle or heart shape. The best way to form an opinion is to click through each individual design. This will make your decision so much easier!

For an extra charge you can choose between a black or white aluminium frame. You can see how your personal poster will look in the preview on the left side!

Wait with excitement

Last but not least, all you have to do is enter your email address. Add your poster to your shopping cart, proceed to checkout and enter your contact details. Choose a shipping method and payment method. Once you have paid for your personalized poster, all you have to do is wait until the special gift arrives at the address you specify!