Starmoment - The unique Birthday Gift

And again, it's birthday time for an important person in your life! Now you are looking for a special, personal, and individual gift. After all, your birthday present should remain in your memory and not be placed in a corner and be forgotten. It should be tailored to the birthday person, reflect something special and testify to your unique relationship to each other. Fortunately, you have come across Starmoment, because here we fulfill all your requirements for a unique birthday present!

How Starmoment makes your birthday present so special

With Starmoment, you can capture the starry sky exactly as it looked or will look at any given moment. Capture a special moment and have it printed on a poster. Whether it's the birthday of the person you're giving it to, a special event which bonded you forever, or a glimpse into the future, the Nightsky Poster of Starmoment will sure be a surprise!

Determine the place, date and time of your selected moment and let the Starmoment software show you the corresponding image. Then you can choose a design and, if you like, order a frame of your choice. Of course we also leave enough space for a dedication on the poster! So your birthday present will not only be individual, but also personal.

We wish you a lot of fun with the creation of the poster and above all while handing over the special gift!